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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book’s Name:Ghobaar (Collection of short stories)

Author’s name:Qaisi Raampuri

Publisher:Syed Muhammed Ali Anjum Rizvi, Izhaar Sons. 19, Urdu Bazar, Lahore

Qaisi Raampuri a renowned short story writer and novelist is among those short and long fiction writers who proved worthy of their creativity. He was contemporary of Sajjad Haider Yaldram, Praim Chand, Majnoo Gorakhpuri, Niaz Fatahpuri, Sajjad Ansari, Sudershon, Azam Keryu, Munshi Fayyaz Ali, Raees Ahmed Jaferi, Sajjad Zaheer, Manto,  Krishan Chander, Aziz Ahmed, Bedi, Ahmed Nadeem Qasimi, Khadija Mastoor, Hajra Masroor and Qurratul Ain Haider. It is very difficult for a writer to maintain continuous effort in creative writings but Qaisi Rampuri made this difficult job easy in practical by writing short and long fictions.

He has more than fifty collections of short stories and more than one hundred novels. He also proved his worthiness in translation works. Qaisi has done a good job for children literature too. His family name was Khalil-uz-Zaman Khan, born in 1904 in Rampur, India. But at the age of 21 years he left his birth place and came in Ajmair in 1925. He decided to settle permanently in Ajmair. Qaisi Rampuri started his writing career with short story. His first short story was published under the title of “Isar-e-Mojassam in a renowned literary journal “Kaifistan” which was edited by Rafiyee Ajmairy. It is interesting and to some extent surprising that after writing very many short stories uninterruptedly, he suddenly started to create novels and stopped story writing forever.

He had carved his own way that is the reason why he still looks very much different from his all contemporary fiction writers. He has shown his full potential with freshness of style and technique. He had capacious ability to introduce various kinds of characters with different temperaments, habits, attitudes and thinking. His dialogue he delivered through his characters of novels and short fictions are very much eloquent, meaningful and smooth. He has written basically on socio-economic, socio-politics, socio-culture and socio-religious issues but there are also some very good pieces which have pretty romantic touches and environment which attract the readers’ attention. Though the almost all short stories of this collection are attractive and thought provoking but ”Ghobaar” “Aakhri Fatah”,”Dhabba”,“Aabgina”,”Sadaqat”,”Tamsili Nau Jawan”, are more than good pieces. He migrated from India to Pakistan after partisan of sub-content. Qaisi Raampuri expired in 1974 in Karachi at the age of 70.It is third additions of “Ghobar” which is published by Qaisi Raampuri’s grandson Adil Hasan. It is heartening and worthy of high praise that Adil Hasan has decided to reprint all important works of Qaisi Raampuri one by one as his all novels and collections of short stories are out of print.


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