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Book’s Name:Nazeriat-e-Faza Azmi

Author’s name: Zahid Rashid

Zahid Rashid a young chap, a short story writer, essayist and compiler has come out with his new book on the famous poet and reformer Faza Azmi under the title of “Nazeriat-e-Faza Azmi”. The book under review is fourth book of author in serial. The book is an analytical assessment of theories, subject matters, aims and objects of Faza Azmi’s life and literature. The book “Nazeriat-e-Faza Azmi” is basically divided in to seven chapters having several sub-chapters in every chapter of the book under discussion. Some of those basic chapters are as under:

Faza Azmi: Huquq-e-Niswaan Ka Alamberdar Shair (The Women Right’s Champion Poet ), Nazeriat-e-Faza Azmi: An Analysis, Faza Azmi Ka Falsafa-e-Siasat-o-Riasat (Faza Azmi’s philosophy about state and politics), Kursi Nama-e-Pakistan: an assessment, Faza Azmi Aur Zawal-e-Adam Ka Nauha: Aik Bahas:La-hasil K Hasil? (A discussion, Achievements Or Non-achievements, First to Fourth theories, Zawal-e-Adam: An Analysis, Faza Azmi Aur Pak-Bharat Ta’alluqat, Afkar-e-Faza Azmi Ba Zuban-e-Faza Azmi and so on.

Zahid Rashid the author of the book ‘Nazeriat-e-Faza Azmi’ has studied the all books of  Faza Azmi attentively, not only this but he has also read painstakingly all those books as well as  write-ups which were written on Faza Azmi.  Zahid Rashid, through this book has proved himself that he is a serious writer, researcher and analyst. He has also those very sympathies, which are inevitable for a researcher, critic and analyst. There are ample and authentic informative essays as well as discussions in every chapter and sub-chapter. He has thoroughly and scholarly tried to present every aspect of Faza Azmi ‘s personality along with his views on socio-politics, socio-economic  and socio-culture as well as his achievements in these fields. This book is on the one hand is an important achievement of  Zahid Rashid and the other hand a precious gift for those  people who like literature and literateurs  as well as keep in view their services for the mankind.


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