White people will be rubbed out along with their history

By Paul Craig Roberts

This means that history itself is offensive as are the
Founding Fathers as some of them, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, owned
slaves. Al Sharpton says the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., is
“an insult to my family.”  He demands that
the funding for the national monument cease. 
Next Antifa, or some other collection of violent morons, will vandalized
the Jefferson Memorial and then agitate for its removal. 

We will also have to burn the Declaration of Independence and
the US Constitution as they are “racist documents.”  And take Washington’s picture off of the one
dollar bill and Jefferson’s off of the two dollar bill, which has already
disappeared from circulation. The lack of any historical awareness is testimony
to the complete failure of American Education at every level. George Washington
and Thomas Jefferson are not responsible for slavery.

Slavery was an institution that existed in the English
colonies a century before Washington and Jefferson were born. For them it was
an inherited institution. It was all they could do to free the colonies from
the British. The reason there was slavery in the new world is that there was no
work force with which to develop the resources. With no labor to hire, labor
was purchased as chattel.

The first slaves brought to the North American British
colonies were white. As Don Jordan and Michael Walsh document in White Cargo:
The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America (New York University
Press, 2007), the first slaves were white children. Beginning in 1618, the
authorities in London began sweeping up urchins from the slums and shipping
them to the colonies.

“They were sold to planters to work in the fields and half of
them were dead within a year. Shipments of children continued from England and
then from Ireland for decades.” Undesirables convicts, prostitutes, beggars,
Quakers, Catholics were pressed into slavery and sold in the colonies. The
Irish were a large source of slaves. Under Oliver Cromwell’s ethnic-cleansing
policy in Ireland, unknown numbers of Catholic men, women and children were
forcibly transported to the colonies and sold as slaves.

Kidnappers snatched people from English streets and sold them
to planters’ agents. “London’s most active kidnap gang discussed their targets
at a daily meeting in St Paul’s Cathedral.” And there were “indentured
servants,” many of whom remained indentured for their lifetimes. Jordan and
Walsh report that today in the US there are tens of millions of white Americans
who are descended from white slaves.  If
the tens of millions are more than 47 million, there are more white descendents
of slaves in the US than black descendents.

White slaves suffered all the horrors, if not more, that the
subsequent black slaves suffered, but their story is not part of the
educational curriculum. Blacks and their white advocates would never stand for
it, because white slavery detracts from the racist image that black studies has
created, an image that conveys special victim status to blacks just as the Jews
have acquired by the holocaust.  But the
facts are, report Jordan and Walsh that black slavery emerged out of white
slavery and was based upon it.  They
quote the African-American writer Lerone Bennett Jr:

“When someone removes the cataracts of whiteness from our
eyes, and when we look with unclouded vision on the bloody shadows of the
American past, we will recognize for the first time that the Afro-American, who
was so often second in freedom, was also second in slavery.”

When black slavery superseded white slavery, the source of
the slaves was the black king of Dahomey. 
The English colonists were merely the black king’s customers. But just
as it is impermissible to question the holocaust, it is impermissible to
question the uniqueness of black Americans’ experience of slavery. History is
falsified, because falsification serves the material interests of those who
falsify history.

White Americans, still a majority,
are refused permission by the preferred minority to retain “offensive” statues,
murals and monuments of the founders of their country. A small percentage of
the population claiming special status by virtue of their “unique suffering”
expect the majority to accept an historical cleansing in which their history is
swept away as “offensive.” Once the evil of Identity Politics succeeds in its
demonization of white people, white people along with their history will be
swept away by their enemies that they stupidly empowered.

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