Justice Being Served Against the Corrupt

The epidemic of corruption has been plaguing Pakistan for a long time now and it is the root cause of all the problems. Virus of corruption has been eating at our roots for quite some time and it has nearly hallowed us. The state bares no responsibility for the well-being of its citizens, basic necessities like healthcare, education, utilities have to be bought at very high rates and those who can’t afford them perhaps have no right to exist. Government hospitals are very few and their state is appalling and government schools mostly are abandoned placed for the rich and corrupt to use as they see fit. These are some of the social problems that the country is faced with due to high levels of corruption, if we go on the macro scale the problems grow significantly in quantity and complexity. Our debt crisis is one of the gifts of high levels of corruption and so is the low production base. It is surprising for many that a country which is a nuclear power capable of producing sophisticated nuclear bombs is unable to produce something as simple as the needle. A greater level of debt means a decline in public development projects which in turn means lack of infrastructure and that means that the citizens are deprived even of the most basic needs. Our current account deficit is alarmingly high simply because of low exports and high imports. All in all corrupt leaders of the country have corroded the foundations of this country. This deep rooted corruption can also be blamed for high crime rate and terrorism. For the right price our politicians, bureaucrats, policemen, journalists and turn a blind eye to the problems and willingly neglect their duty, in some cases they tend to defend the interests of Pakistan’s enemies just so that their pockets remain full. Pakistan has been a victim of corruption since inception but now it has reached a level where it can’t be ignored anymore. It’s a question now of Pakistan’s existence as an independent country which is why this drive against the corrupt comes as a ray of hope for all the citizens who wish to see their country thrive and prosper. It was a historical moment when Mr. Nawaz Sharif was declared unfit to be Prime Minister of Pakistan on Panama scandal. Source of Sharif family wealth was an open secret much like most of our political elites, however, since the entire system was being run by the corrupt they always found that blatantly lying about it would keep them safe but like all criminals, Mr. Sharif pushed his luck too far. This became the reason for his downfall. He claimed to be working in the interest of the nation and Pakistan but when the truth came out, instead of doing the decent thing and stepping down quietly he along with his family and associates tried to create unrest among the public. He wanted to destabilize the country for his own personal benefit, something a patriot would never do, on the contrary it would benefit no one but the enemies of Pakistan. Thankfully this plan didn’t pan out and they got what was coming to them. Now, when Mr. Asif Ali Zardari former President of Pakistan and co-chairman of PPP and his PPP goons are being held accountable for their corruption, they are planning something similar to peoples movement as they can see it as clear as day that there is no way out. In such a situation they are trying to instigate unrest in the country for their own personal end. This shows that regardless of their claims to be working in the interest of Pakistan, they are actually aligned with the forces who are trying to undo the fabric of this nation. What’s surprising is the fact that these people, despite of being known to be dishonest and corrupt, think they can get away with it, by lying through their teeth. The only reason they think they can succeed at it is that the public is still willing to believe in their lying. It is important for all Pakistanis to understand at this moment that if they side with these corrupt people based on racial causes then they have no reason to complain about the state of affairs in Pakistan and the public itself is responsible for state it is in. It is therefore important to not fall prey to their manipulative lies and ensure that justice is served to these individuals all in the interest of this country.

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