A word of caution

By Mirza Kashif Baig

The victory of the Afghan Taliban against the US and the western powers is a great achievement for a militia like the Afghan Taliban while at the same time it is a great strategic success for Pakistan. Pakistan played a crucial role in the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan resulting in a glorious victory for the Afghan Taliban. This victory for Pakistan is a moment to rejoice as it has cemented Pakistan’s position as a formidable regional powers, however, we must not lose focus of the goal in this moment of joy. Responsible and ambitious nations learn from the past and ensure that the sufferings of the past are never repeated in the present or future. Pakistan is a young nation but the past few decades have provided us with century’s worth of learning and experience. The country has faced both conventional and un-conventional forms of warfare.

Pakistan has gone toe to toe with almost the entire world in a proxy war initiated by the US and by Grace of Allah we have emerged victorious. We are currently engaged in hybrid war and our defense is proving to be much stronger than the enemy anticipated. All these factors have given us confidence and useful insight into the enemy’s midnight. Pakistan needs to realize that despite defeating the enemy on almost every front, the enemy is not wearing down and is attacking with renewed vigor every time. Every new attack is much stronger and dangerous than the previous one. This should be worrisome for Pakistan as it is high time to deliver a heavy blow to the enemy so it doesn’t get back up.

Also, these attacks after attacks of the enemy are a reminder that our enemy is relentless and resourceful, and that it won’t stop at anything to destroy Pakistan. Bearing this in mind Pakistan needs to exercise extreme caution in all matters and devise a strategy to deliver pre-emptive blows to the enemy crippling them once and all. Our victories should make us humble and wise and we should refrain from becoming over confident. Afghanistan victory is a great strategic win but it doesn’t mean that we let our guard down. Pakistan should remember that the US is like the mythical creature ‘Hydra’ which spawned two new heads every time one was cut off. The US nad its allies created terrorist organizations one after the other to keep the whole region engaged and that remnants of DAESH and TTP remain.

How the US has withdrawn is quite suspicious and we must anticipate that a much deeper plan is at work in the shadow of the US-Afghan deal. Pakistan must remember that the US and its allies are openly against CPEC and they still have a great influence in our internal matters. There is much to be done in Afghanistan still and should consider the possibility that the US withdrawal may be a Trojan horse. Bearing our learnings from encounters with the US, India, Israel, and UK, Pakistan should remain cautious and should not let this victory get to its head. We must strengthen our defenses further and should be prepared for any eventuality.

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