Bio-Chemical Attack on the World: Coronavirus destroys Economies and Killing Human Beings

Truth in today’s world what is preached or propagated by the powerful elite. In order to understand this concept we visualize a group of individuals or a collection of families which control and own, either directly or indirectly the majority of everything in this world. This group has spun a deep complex web whereby under the protection of the capitalistic system they own everything from huge media groups, legal firms and huge food chains, large organizations manufacturing technological products, large conglomerates, huge and devastating cache of weapons and through this they are maintaining influencing or ruling governments of the world. Through this comprehensive and complicated network they create the ultimate web of deceit and present it to the world as ‘Truth’.

It is the perfect system of
deceit for they create situations themselves and propagate evidence of their
choice in turn manipulating reality. This group of ‘elite’ have an agenda where
human lives have no value in fact they believe that due to the vast resources
at their disposal and their scientific knowledge they have a right to rule and
subjugate the entire world. In line with this agenda they have launched the
ultimate bio-chemical attack on the entire world in the form of Covid-19 virus.
This virus was created in US, as said and the work on its vaccine, according to
some sources, had begun in 2014 in Europe whereas the virus’s development had
started in 2006 in USA. This virus is man-made and was created by elites of the
world for three main reasons. First and foremost reason, as mentioned earlier
is to subjugate the global population and the second reason is to weaken those
countries which are challenging their power and decrease the growth of

As a result China became the
center of this virus which resulted in a weakening of their economy, next was
Iran where the situation is appalling due to this virus and then Europe. China
was emerging as a world power and was challenging America, Iran has been
revolting against America and Israel for a long time and lastly European Union
(EU) was trying to spread its wings and free itself from American influence.
China’s exports are badly affected by this virus, EU’s tourism has been
destroyed and Iran’s resilience has been targeted. One may point out in this
situation that America is also affected greatly by this virus. To understand
this one must understand that this group of elites, or the deep state as they
are called, are not big fans of humanity and of human lives for that matter as
long as their objective is met. They are also not much loyal to the American
flag. Instead their loyalty lies to the usurped land of Palestine now called ‘Israel’.
They have playing the game of blood for quite some time by creating situations
such as the 9/11 attack, the Arab Spring and now COVID-19.

Israel is the only country in the
world which had formed a vaccine for this virus, but hasn’t distributed as yet.
Israel intends to distribute it to only those countries which accept its
existence as a country. They have created this whole COVID-19 situation as
Israel intends to present itself now as a world power. At this is important to
understand how this plan will come into play. The first part is to spread the
virus and create fear such that the entire world craves for a vaccine the
second part is through by 3rd strand DNA which serves to modify DNA
which will be administered through the vaccine.

vaccine will modify DNA of the global population without anyone consciously
realizing it and as a result will render entire world’s population, slaves to
the will of the ‘deep state’ or Israel. Such measures are satanic and are
examples of the ‘Dajjali Fitnah’ (evil conflict of the anti-Christ). Muslims of
the world are warned of the coming of Dajjal (Anti-Christ or the false messiah
of Zionists) and the ‘fitnah’ (evil conflict) in the Quran. In light of such
evil measures countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Russia and China should
come together to take decisive steps against a mutual enemy (deep-state or
Israel and America) in order to stop their evil agenda before it’s too late.

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