Brutal Attack of Sri Lanka and Terrorist Attack of Christ Church

Terrorist incident of Christ Church was a brutal act of a terrorist who opened fire on two mosques in New Zealand while the Muslims were offering their Friday prayers. The worst aspect of this cowardly act was that the terrorist was live streaming the entire incident which showed that he had no remorse for his actions. It is very important to note that acts of terrorism have increased all over the world and that terrorists are being classified as being Muslim terrorists, despite the Muslim countries disowning and them and working to eliminate such entities, and the criminally insane a term which is specifically used when a white person commits an  act of terrorism. In doing so, they are expressing that Muslims are the source of terrorism and when a hired gun commits an act of terrorism against the Muslims, the western media portrays it as aggression amongst the people against the Muslims. Once the hired terrorist is branded criminally insane and his actions hinted at being retaliation, a debate starts among the public about whether Muslims should be allowed in Europe, US and the West in general or not. This is how a negative narrative is promoted against the Muslims. In reality, such incidents highlight that a terrorist has no religion or entity in fact his or her religion is working against humanity. People of the world should realise now that they are being manipulated by powers which have a much sinister ulterior motive. Agenda of these forces is to ensure that the world plunges into bloodshed and hatred while their profits increase so that they can further their evil, inhumane cause. These forces value wealth and resources above all else even above humanity. This accumulated wealth is then used to fuel their cause and eliminate their enemies. This is a battle for power and complete dominion over the world, in which the only loser is humanity itself. In the midst of all these conspiracies the people of New Zealand showed the entire world, how a responsible peace loving nation reacts to terrorism. People of New Zealand led by their fearless and compassionate leader, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She recognized this incident as the worst form of terrorist attacks and refused to take the name of the terrorist citing his agenda as to get attention and fame. She visited the victims’ families, consoled them and apologized to them and taking the blame for failing to defend their loved ones. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stood as a champion of humanity and had the courage to speak the truth. This incident stirred the world and started to open their eyes to the reality that Muslims in fact are not terrorists but the victims of terrorism and the world started to support Muslims while differentiating them from terrorists. While this process was in its infancy, a group of cowardly terrorists decided to carry out vicious attacks in Srilanka at the time of Easter on the Christian community in which 253 people lost their lives. The attack was conducted on April 21, 2019 where three churches and three luxury hotels were targeted. The responsibility for these attacks was claimed by a terrorist organization Jamat Tuahid base in south India which is ample proof that India. Israel and USA are involved in this attack. . These attacks come at a time when the world had developed a soft corner for Muslims and such sentiments did not sit well with the plans of India, USA and Israel. They could not let the world abandon the false narrative that Muslims are terrorists which is why these cowardly attacks were launched on the Christian community to rile them up against Muslims. Evidence, however, has emerged for anyone who seeks the truth that this particular outfit had in fact been trained in India. Also, the swiftness with which USA linked the attacks to ISIS and expressed the desire to send boots on ground in Sri Lanka to battle terrorism clearly shows that these planned attacks to support the plans of Israel, USA and Indian nexus  and to restrict China’s One belt One Road initiative.

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