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Arab states to seek recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Jordan’s foreign minister and the head of the Arab League said they would push for an international resolution on naming Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. This follows the US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s. Arab states will push for

US, Israel step up hybrid war in Syria

The Russian airbase in Syria, Hmeimim, and the naval base at Tartus came under simultaneous drone attack. The advanced Russian air defence system thwarted the attack. A wave of 13 drones was involved, and, interestingly, three of them were brought

6 ways life in SA will change in 2018

By Zahraa Alkhalisi The kingdom is pushing ahead with an economic overhaul aimed at ending what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman once called its “addiction” to oil. Change is now coming thick and fast, and several major reforms announced since

Trump’s failed coup in Iran

By Eric Margolis Listen to the state-‘guided’ US media this past week and you’d believe a series of spontaneous anti-government protests broke out across Iran. The protests, according to President Donald Trump and his Israeli allies, were caused by `anger

Saleh murder deepens Saudi quagmire in Yemen

The New York Times carried a dramatic story on 4th December, 2017  explaining that the balance of forces in the war in Yemen may have shifted decisively against Saudi Arabia. A technical analysis shows that the Saudis had lied about

America’s Jews are driving America’s wars

Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East? By Philip Giraldi  On the morning of September 21st Phil Giraldi was fired over the phone by The American Conservative, where he had been a regular contributor for fourteen years.

Saudi Arabia believes in peace, but its red lines must not be crossed

By: Fahad Nazer The greater Middle East has experienced unprecedented political turmoil and violence in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring. The political order as we knew it was upended in 2011 and the region has not yet fully

On the brink of war

The latest developments in Saudi Arabia are just the prelude to an imminent war that will reshape the region and affect the entire world We should not let minor details such as Hariri’s resignation or the detention of Saudi princes and

Kirkuk bell also tolls for US strategy in Syria

The rout of the Kurds in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk this week constitutes a major setback for the overall American strategies toward Iraq and Syria. The prospect of an unceremonious US retreat from Syria haunts the Trump administration

Syrian conflict is ending but US stays put

By M K Bhadrakumar The Syrian government forces have broken through the ISIS’ 3-year long siege of the air base in the eastern city of Dier Ezzor. The dramatic developments in the weekend signifies for all purposes the end of