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On the brink of war

The latest developments in Saudi Arabia are just the prelude to an imminent war that will reshape the region and affect the entire world We should not let minor details such as Hariri’s resignation or the detention of Saudi princes and

Kirkuk bell also tolls for US strategy in Syria

The rout of the Kurds in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk this week constitutes a major setback for the overall American strategies toward Iraq and Syria. The prospect of an unceremonious US retreat from Syria haunts the Trump administration

Syrian conflict is ending but US stays put

By M K Bhadrakumar The Syrian government forces have broken through the ISIS’ 3-year long siege of the air base in the eastern city of Dier Ezzor. The dramatic developments in the weekend signifies for all purposes the end of

And the winners in the post-Daesh era are…

The House of Saud’s love-in with Iraqi nationalist leader Muqtada al-Sadr reveals its desperation after a miserable defeat in Syria and a shift to countering Iran in Baghdad instead of Damascus By Pepe Escobar Muqtada al-Sadr is up to something.

World must wake up to Gaza’s forgotten plight

Through a combination of Israel’s blockade and international indifference, the beleaguered Palestinian coastal strip may soon be uninhabitable, and no one seems to care. It is time they did. By Chris Doyle Gaza in 2017 is one of the least

US plan to re-occupy Iraq faces Iraqi resistance

Iraqi VP gave the US a piece of his mind The US’s longstanding project to push for an independent Kurdistan in the oil-rich regions of northern Iraq and Syria in the downstream of the defeat of the ISIS have run

Qatar the next battle field

Over the past two years, Qatar has conducted over $86 billion worth of transactions in Chinese Yuan and signed several economic agreements with China. Is the Saudi-led crackdown on Qatar a Washington maneuver to nix the Emirate’s attempts to sell

Libya a breeding ground for militants

The country has a long history of exporting extremists. Libyans fought in Afghanistan against Soviet forces in the 1980s, with several veterans taking up key roles in al Qaeda in the 1990s. But at home front militants did not excel

The fall of Mosul is a defeat for ISIS, but it remains a deadly force

By Patrick Cockburn The movement was written off previously by overconfident adversaries in 2007 and 2011. It survived by lying low and waiting for the circumstances to turn once again in its favour, as with the start of the uprising

Will Iraq’s Shia militias give Iran a ‘road to the sea’?

By Seth J. Frantzman On May 29, the Hashd al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), a group of Shia militias that are part of the Iraqi government’s security forces, reached the Iraq-Syria border. Straddling this strategic corridor in northern Iraq,