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Back off US, says Putin Putin warns US to back off in Ukraine

Back off US, says Putin

The Biden Administration’s geopolitical agenda is to prolong the military conflict, weaken Russia militarily and diplomatically and make Europe heavily dependent on US leadership By M.K. Bhadrakumar The Western narrative of the two-month old war in Ukraine imbued with the

Return of Pax Americana

Return of Pax Americana

Ukraine crisis is about US strategy to reimpose Western dominance on Asia By M K Bhadrakumar India’s current entanglement with the United States as to whether to buy or not to buy Russian oil wears a surreal look. After all,

American sponsored Ukraine crisis

American sponsored

By Interaction Desk The United States of America is playing the role of a tyrant and it intends to maintain its dominion over the entire world by spreading terror and bloodshed, all the while claiming to be the champion of

Is Saudi buying its way out of justice for Khashoggi murder?

Is Saudi buying its way out of

Turkey, economically squeezed and looking to mend ties, suddenly turns the case over to Riyadh By Annelle Sheline President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has decided to sacrifice Turkish efforts to seek justice for the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal

Iran – backed Houthis the winner in Yemen

Iran - backed Houthis the winner in Yemen

With a ceasefire agreement in place, the Houthis hold the high ground in any long-term deal made in Yemen By Interaction Desk These are early days and Yemen has witnessed many a ceasefire in its tortuous civil war that started

Contesting Russia requires renewed US engagement in Central Asia

Contesting Russia requires renewed

By Dr. James M. Dorsey When US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III declared that Washington wanted to see Russia so “weakened” that it would no longer be able to invade a neighbouring state, he lifted the veil on US

A new kind of terrorism – Numbered Bird strategy, which Russia accuses America!

A new kind of terrorism

For those who want to know what the numbered birds are… and how the United States kills the world without a single shot… I leave the information here: Birds of Mass Destruction Russia did not expect to discover, as part

Japan should be open to China joining the CPTPP

Japan should be open to 1

Beijing’s application is a one-off opportunity for Tokyo to exert influence By Wang Huiyao In 2012, two U.S. analysts penned an article in Foreign Policy headlined “A Tale of Two Asias,” describing the continent’s contrasting Jekyll and Hyde sides. On

Pakistan political crisis Why Imran Khan’s enemies want him out

Why Imran Khan's enemies want him out3

The prime minister has been vulnerable to attack – both domestically and externally – since coming to power in 2018 By Peter Oborne Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to dissolve the Pakistani parliament to head off a vote of no-confidence

Questioning Pakistan’s future under current political turmoil

Questioning Pakistan's future 1

By Amnah Jabeen It is observed that the new government is expected to reach out to the IMF to revive the $6 billion bailout program, which will be put on hold due to the existing political uncertainty and instability in