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Scientists say mysterious “Oumuamua” object could be an alien spacecraft

Harvard researchers raise the possibility that it’s a probe sent by extraterrestrials By David Freeman Maybe it’s an alien spacecraft. Scientists have been puzzling over Oumuamua ever since the mysterious space object was observed tumbling past the sun in late

World’s first quantum ‘compass’

That uses atoms instead of satellites to navigate could make sat-nav obsolete The accelerometer overcomes many of the issues of traditional GPS  systems, such as blockages from tall buildings or signal jamming By Anthony Cuthbertson UK scientists have demonstrated the

A united front against extremism

By Talat Masood This was not the first time that the common citizen of Pakistan felt helpless and hostage to a group of religious parties that rejects the verdict of the highest court and brings the country to a virtual

Sri Lanka provides right ground for implementing ‘China-India Plus’ plan

By Hu Xiaowen Sri Lanka’s recent political crisis has attracted global attention with the appointment of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa as the new prime minister. Many observers link the leadership change to the contest for influence in South Asia between

My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafieuq Book  Name: Yehi December Ka Mahina Tha Author’s Name:Anwer Ferhad Publishers: Media Graphics, A-997,Sect  11-A, North Karachi. Page:176 Price:Rs. 400/- Anwer Farhad, a senior most poet, story writer, essayist and journalist has come out with his

Together for peace

By Muhammad Azam Khan The present day world seems to have come full circle since the events of 9/11. Traditional threats now eclipse the previous dominant concern over non-traditional threats. The rise of China has become the most momentous event

My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Book’s Name:Bahr-e- Khoon Author’s name:Kawish Umer Compiler:Yousuf Raahi Chatgami, Publishers:Rabita Priters, 2nd Flr, Plot 71/C, 24Th Commercial Street,Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5,DHAKarachi. Pages :217 Price:Rs.  200/- Kawish Umer was one of the most senior poets, writers as

NATO chief sees new U.S. missile deployments in Europe as unlikely

By Robin Emmott NATO’s top official on Wednesday blamed Russia for breaching a landmark nuclear arms pact that Washington is talking about quitting, but said he did not believe the Russian threat would lead to new deployments of U.S. missiles

Rafale cocktail continues to fox US

The Government and the Opposition have been on the warpath over the acquisition of Rafale fighters and this is not going to end anytime soon, making it a potent poll plank By Ashoack K Mehta The dogfight between the Government

Sanctions 2.0:Tightening the noose, but around whom?

By Andrew Korybko The US’ new sanctions against Iran, Turkey, and, Russia appear to be coordinated and designed to tighten the noose around Eurasia but risk backfiring by sending American interests to the gallows instead. The US’ new sanctions against