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‘Quad’ is threat to world Peace

By Interaction Desk USA has announced its Doctrine of Advantage Sea where it power is great and one time it was said that 13 countries powers together cannot match USA. It has 14 Air craft Carrier together with 577 Hornet

Op-ed – the India-Israel nexus and its implications for Pakistan

Op-ed - the India-Israel nexus

The India-Israel nexus has tried their utmost to tarnish Pakistan as unsafe for nuclear assets by triggering extreme terrorism in Pakistan By Abdul Shakoor Shah The India-Israel nexus has never been a mystery, but at present, it is posing a

Bosnia’s Srebrenica massacre 25 years on – in pictures

Bosnia’s Srebrenica massacre 25 years on - in pictures1

“All who wish to go will be transported, large and small, young and old. Don’t be afraid… No one will harm you” On 11 July 1995, Bosnian Serb units captured the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In less than two

Israel gave them 10 minutes to pack up their whole lives 74 Palestinians, including 41 Children, left Homeless


Eleven Palestinian families were left homeless in the Jordan Valley. Finding shelter for sheep and newborn lambs was the most urgent task, as their livelihood depends it The Civil Administration gave the families living in the Palestinian hamlet of Khirbet

Nord Stream 2: Germany finally made up its mind


Many experts regarded the situation with Navalny and the subsequent actions of Germany as a reason for curtailing Nord Stream 2 and generally reducing activity in cooperation with Russia “on all fronts”. Well, as if Germany was pushed by the

French battle against Islamist ‘separatism’ is at odds with commitment to liberty

By Olivier Roy At the beginning of October, before the terrorist murders of a school teacher outside Paris and three people in a church in the southern city of Nice, French president Emmanuel Macron launched a crackdown on Islamist “separatism”

Hate is poisoning Indian society and many refuse to see it

Hate is suffocating every aspect of life in India. No space seems safe By Rana Ayyub Early morning on Oct. 18, a neighbor alerted me to a WhatsApp message distributed by our building’s security guard celebrating the killer of Mahatma

The cash and the cacophony

By Lt Gen (R) Tariq Khan I was not going to comment on what all has happened, taking satisfaction in that it simply happened. Yet seeing the chattering classes justifying this brazen aberration of theft and mis-rule, as a citizen

Behind Pakistani dossier’s low farce on ‘Indian terror’ hides a lethal script

For decades, Islamabad has worked to this toxic strategic script, pushing unending war with India as a means to guarantee the Pakistan Army’s institutional primacy in the country By Praveen Swami The man in the dust-brown Pakul cap dragged the

Europe marks distance from Indo-Pacific strategy

Europe marks distance from Indo-Pacific strategy

In the European estimation, it is simply impractical to try to isolate China and, importantly, China’s rise on the global stage is a compelling geopolitical reality that demands engagement to mutual benefit By M. K. Bhadrakumar The European Council special