Clash of Titans: Russia & China vs. USA

USA has established itself as a bully and regardless of how much they try to guise themselves as peace loving and just, their cover is blown. USA can go to any means to promote its interest and has no remorse in subjugating others in the process. USA has kept a close eye on the world and has ensured that no one becomes strong enough to challenge their super power status. In doing so, Americans has crossed all lines which is why a new world order is in the making. Global powers like China and Russia along with countries like Pakistan among others have decided that they have had enough. One Belt One Road (OBOR) is an initiative in line with Strategy and so is China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). As USA’s position as a super power is being challenged, conditions are deteriorating and it’s happening fast. Russia and China are both going in one direction and USA along with its allies intend to create as many obstacles as possible in their path. The most devastating outcome of this power struggle will be a war between these heavyweights. As such a conflict will have devastating impact globally. USA and China are ready for a showdown over South China Sea. Furthermore, USA has unleashed India to engage China and Pakistan in the region, a task which India is failing at miserably. USA, however, intends to strengthen India considerably and as a result their arms sales to India has increased considerably and its stand at $3.4Bn in order to enhance India’s maritime capabilities, USA is selling its F-18 hornets to India costing Seven Billion dollars. In addition to this, USA has started to engage China through Taiwan. Meanwhile economic sanctions on Russia and China are increasing day by day. Frustrations over such baseless measures have been piling up and have almost reached a boiling point. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, commented that Russia and USA’s relations are going from bad to worse and that Russia has no intentions of initiating means to improve ties with new American Administration. According to him it is for Americans to decide what kind of relations they want with Russia and while selective dialogue is an option but no good can be expected of it as most of Biden’s cabinet members have made a career out Russophobia. His statement is crucial as it clarifies that Russia has had enough and is no mood to surrender. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavvov also made clear that Russia intends to respond to US sanctions in ways that will touch “on the entire range of Russian-American relations.” This statement in itself expresses the extent of Russian frustration with USA and it hints at a long dreaded outcome which is not in anyone’s interest. This view can be further asserted with aid of Vladimir Putin’s comments at his annual press conference. Some of his statements are worth pondering over as they hold a grave warning for the USA. Putin made it clear that Russia is rethinking it’s ‘Strategic patience policy’ and may allow the armed forces to act assertively in the face of US provocations. Putin also highlighted categorically that Russia is ahead of USA owing to its hypersonic weapons it has developed, and currently Russia is developing an ‘antidote’ against future hypersonic weapons that may be developed by other countries. Putin confidently stated that they are on the right track for this discovery and will do it very soon. The most dangerous aspect of Putin’s address was his list of the hypersonic weapons they possess. These include the  advanced RS-28 Sarmat silo-based system with a heavy liquid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile with a throw weight of 10 tonnes, Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, the Kinzhal and the Peresvet laser weapons, the Avangard hypersonic missile system whose speed exceeds Mach 20 and the Tsirkon long-range hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile flying at over eight times the speed of sound. Considering the situation it seems that the stage is set for a major showdown between the major powers of the world and unless USA learns the error of its ways, this will not be in anyone’s interest.

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