Corruption Eroding Pakistan

Nations are formed when the collective population holds their collective interest above their own personal gains. Self-interest of a nation as whole is when its citizens are aligned a collective unit and willing to sacrifice their own self-interests for the betterment of the country and the nation that they are a part of. Sadly, this is not the case in Pakistan as in Pakistan monetary self-interest is above all. Concepts of national integrity, empathy and national growth for the well-being of the country have all been swept back in some far forgotten corner.

Pakistan’s political parties, bureaucracy, judiciary, law enforcing agencies, journalists, business community, defense institutions all down to the common man are in pursuit of monetary betterment disregarding the means through which it acquired or the devastating impact it has on the country. All areas mentioned above preach corruption as a way of life and as the only way to operate. The honest, dedicated ones are thrown to side or killed for causing a nuisance with their honest ways. This has been going on for some time and the state of affairs in Pakistan has become deplorable due to corruption. Pakistan is viewed as a place to generate wealth which is then stored and spent abroad.

There’s no sincerity among the office bearers towards the country that gave the man identity and there’s no empathy among the officer bearers towards the needs of the common man. Blatant lies, deceit and an endless greed for wealth at the cost of the common man is what defines the ruling class of Pakistan. The worst part is that they have no shame in doing so and know that they can do whatever they want because they know they will be elected again or in some cases, will remain untouchables.

Pakistan is nuclear power with extreme level of poverty, water crisis, lack of education and health care, power crisis, economic crisis and, law and order crisis. Everyone is willing to sacrifice integrity for the sake of wealth accumulation.

Current rains and the state of affairs in Sindh and Punjab are living proofs of that. All that anyone had to offer in this time of crisis was an irresponsible response that ‘the rains were severe, unprecedented’. They fail to understand that it reflects badly on the kind of planning and execution being done by the political, military, judicial and bureaucratic leaderships. From some times, Pakistan had been ruled by criminals and traitors who had no interest in the well-being of their country. This is because that almost all office bearers have established their lives in foreign countries. Their families are residents in developed countries with their children studying in foreign schools, they hold properties and businesses in these foreign countries and they maintain an endless stream of wealth flowing from Pakistan to their foreign bank accounts.

In such a state one must question their loyalties for these rulings elites have no stake whatsoever in Pakistan yet they are the ones taking all the decisions. This means that Pakistan stands compromised as her very existence is up for sale to the highest bidder. It is absolutely crucial that serious steps should be taken against the corrupt because Pakistan’s very existence depends on it. These corrupt individuals should be arrested and tried for high treason on priority. The need of the hour is to replace the corrupt leadership with honest, patriotic team otherwise things will get much worse for the country.  It is high time that strict measures be taken to curb and eventually eliminate corruption so that Pakistan may have a better future.

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