First 100 Days of New Government

PTI government under the leadership of Mr. Imran Khan has just completed its first 100 days and have made their 100 achievements, of this time duration, public. Mr. Imran Khan came to power because the people of Pakistan placed their trust in him as they saw a man who was doing his best to bring down the corrupt, had an understanding of Pakistan’s problems and his promises were just what the people wanted to hear. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first address to the nation touched the hearts of all Pakistanis as it was simple and it covered almost all of the concerns of the nation. It’s a little over a hundred days now and the nation is worried as the level of uncertainty is high. PM Khan’s team responsible for addressing Pakistan’s problems is unimpressive with the exception of a few and the problems of just the first 100 days have significantly dampened the morale of the people. Firstly the PTI government should realise that their competition is not with the predecessors as by word of the people, they are longer eligible to run the country. Instead PM Khan is being assessed against his over ambitious promises and his team’s ability to fulfil them. PTI government achieved some historical feats in the 100 days for instance the rollback of Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) competition inNetherland, his drive against corruption, tax recovery and portraying a stronger image of Pakistan, however, considering the situation this country is in, these are hardly anything to brag about. Our economy is in crisis, a crisis which we have temporarily averted by seeking aid from friendly countries but that’s hardly a solution as we will be facing the same problem next year. Our serious foreign exchange fluctuations should be a major cause of concern as this points to some foul play. These fluctuations have had a profound impact on the business community particularly the SME sector which Prime Minister promise to support and expand. The on-going anti-encroachment drive is another matter which is being dealt with in the crudest manner possible. People of this country were promised a reduction in unemployment and an increase in the number of jobs, however this encroachment drive has destroyed existing businesses, reducing employment and has deprived people of their homes. Although it is a stringent measure which is required but the way this drive is being conducted and timings are not favourable.

PM Imran khan and his cabinet should not be too hasty to pat themselves on the back. There is much to be done as the PM highlighted in his first speech, but that doesn’t mean that all corrective measures should be taken at the same time. This would lead to a reaction not just from the corrupt but from normal civilians as well something which our enemies can capitalize on. PM Imran Khan needs to realize that while his intentions are held in high regard but there is hardly any faith in the team that he has put together. Most of them have proven to be incompetent in terms of delivering PM’s promises in just a matter of 100 days. Mr Prime Minister needs competent people at the right places to fulfil his promises and most of his cabinet doesn’t fulfil this requirement.

PTI needs to understand that they are in the driving seat right now and that they need to be more humble in their approach so that their sincerity is not question, they need to take a more realistic perspective while running this country and their responses to criticism need to be more dignified as the nation supports Prime Minister Imran khan and wants him to succeed. Bearing this in mind PTI should realize that the criticism is their favour as it is aimed at helping them take the right direction. We advise to do two thing: first to take help from Bureaucracy and second take businessmen in confidence.

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