Imran Khan: Statesman and a Patriot

Prime Minister Imran Khan assumed office in 2018 amid much controversy and criticism from the ruling elites. He was an inexperienced individual who had made great promises of change but his team comprised of all the old & new f faces who have remained in important offices during the corrupt eras of Pakistan’s politics.  And those who were new had no experience of governance. The new faces of Imran Khan’s team are not regarded as competent and based on these dynamics the opposition comprising of the corrupt elites had enough ammunition to create problems for the newly formed government, even the intellectuals of the country had their doubts about Imran Khan and his team. Many theories were going around as to the real intentions of Mr. Imran Khan and how he was working with the enemies of Pakistan to destabilize the country.  One thing, however, that was certain about Prime Minister Imran Khan is and was not corrupt. He was not a politician and had no idea about how to run a country like Pakistan and that he was making tall claims which he couldn’t fulfill and all those things but one certain thing was that he was not corrupt. It has been almost three years now since PTI formed a coalition government with Mr. Imran Khan as Prime Minister and despite the challenges that this government has faced, it can be said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is sincere towards Pakistan. He has proven to be an excellent statesman and has uplifted Pakistan’s image in the global arena. He has proven himself as a man who is not afraid to speak his mind. His narrative on protecting the Prophet’s Sanctity and that too in front of all world leaders has earned him great respect among his countrymen. Another great issue that he has openly addressed is the matter of Islamophobia, something which our previous leaders would never dare take up in front of the western leaders. Another matter on which Prime Minister Imran Khan has been very clear is the matter of Kashmir. Unlike previous leaders of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan made efficient use of diplomacy and all other democratic tools at his disposal to seriously address the matter of Kashmir. He has made his stance very clear on the matter and has conveyed to the world that he means business. Prime Minister Imran Khan has done everything to create a brave and responsible image of Pakistan and has played a significant part in enhancing the respect of Pakistan. He is viewed as a brave man and the enemies of Pakistan are fully aware that he means what he says. The global community does not doubt that Pakistan under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership is very capable of responding to any internal and external threats that may arise. Mr. Prime Minister has proved himself to be a statesman particularly in the case of Israel. He was under a lot of pressure to accept Israel’s existence, especially when UAE and KSA have done so, but he displayed immense courage and resilience by maintaining Pakistan’s long-standing stance on the matter. His statement at that time lifted the spirits of his countrymen and gave them hope. Lastly, his most recent ‘NO’ to American demand for military bases in Pakistan is highly appreciated in Pakistan and has increased his acceptance in the country to a great deal. He had always maintained, even when in opposition, that the Afghanistan war was not Pakistan’s war and that should not have become part of it. His ‘NO’ on the matter is a clear message to the world that Pakistan is going to put its self-interest first and will not be bullied anymore. His stance on Israel and American bases in Pakistan has put his life at great risk. Previously, Pakistan’s leaders preferred to put their well-being and monetary interest ahead of the country’s. As a result, Pakistan suffered immensely. Prime Minister Imran Khan has put his duty to the country ahead of his safety and proven himself as a patriot. History tells us that all Pakistani leaders who have dared to serve their country with sincerity have been killed at the behest of the western country by elements within Pakistan. A similar danger is faced by Prime Minister Imran Khan and our security agencies must ensure that incidents like the assassination of Shaheede Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, Ayub Khan, and Zia Ul Haq is not repeated.

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