India: Planned Muslim Genocide

The RSS is an extremist organization in India which follows the doctrine of ‘Hindutva’ which promotes Hindu supremacy. The ruling party in India BJP is the political wing of this extremist organization. With the second tenure of Narendra Nodi, the extremist terrorist side of India is exposed. Modi’s first tenure was marked by persecution of Muslims in India and Indian Occupied Kashmir. In his second tenure he completely intends to eradicate Muslims from India and Indian Occupied Kashmir as it is the RSS’s belief that India is only for Hindus and no other religion should be present in India. As result Modi’s second tenure is marked with a number of controversial decisions, starting with abolishment of the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir and the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Since they have revoked the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir, a curfew has been imposed in the valley. Media has no access to Kashmir, Internet services have been discontinued and the people of Kashmir have been left completely at the mercy of the occupying Indian forces. Concentration camps have been set up in the valley and different states of India where Muslims are to be tortured and killed overnight. People of Kashmir do not have access to basic amenities and are being treated in the worst possible way. Muslims of Kashmir are being killed and kidnapped with their properties and land being handed over to occupying Hindus in an attempt to change the demographics of the region so that Kashmir is portrayed as a Hindu majority area. Women are raped on daily basis and children are being killed so that India doesn’t have to deal with the next generation of Muslims in the future. All the while these crimes were being committed against the people of Kashmir, Indian government implemented the citizenship amendment bill which is clear attempt at marginalizing and eliminating the Muslims of India. It provides citizenship to illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan provided they prove that they are part of either of the following six religious minorities (in their home countries): Jain, Hindus, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Buddhists. Deliberately leaving Muslims of India despite the fact that Muslims are one of the largest religious minorities in India. The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is in clear violation of Indian constitution and the secular society of India. CAB has given rise to mass protests in India as it is not sitting well with the citizens, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. In an attempt to curb these protests Indian police has been given a free hand and the worst form of state sponsored terrorism has started. Police raided Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) which is in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh state’s Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) – 130km (81 miles) from the capital in response to the protest that was going on there. Students hostiles were raided in the dark of the night, students were brutally beaten up and many were arrested, according to some reports the female who sought refuge from Indian Police in their washrooms were molested by the raiding policemen. Internet services of the cities where protests are taking place, have been suspended and media has been given strict orders to not cover the protests and to refrain from reporting anything on the matter. This bill has laid bare the ugly side of India and the evil intentions of the Indian government. Stage has been set for a well-planned Muslim genocide in India. India never accepted the Muslims who resided there and the government intends to eliminate all Muslims from India and Indian occupied Kashmir. As the global community fails to put a leash on India Muslims are left to die by the hands of RSS. CAB has created a civil war type situation in India but the government is prepared to handle it with brutal force whereas the Muslims of India never anticipated this situation. A massacre of Muslims in India is about to take place one that will eventually lead to the disintegration of India as a country. This situation confirms that two nations theory of Quide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal was and is true path for the Muslims of India.  Those who did not believe in 1940 to 2019 now has to believe that the path taken by Quide Azam was right.

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