Internal Situation going out of Control?

Pakistan is very unique in many ways and one aspect which sets the country apart is the fact that the most grievous threats faced by the country are ones posed internally. While the nation is quite capable to handle external threats but Pakistan’s internal elements pose a real threat to the country’s existence. For long, the country’s agencies have done their best to keep both internal and external threats at bay, but now it seems that the situation might not be in their control anymore. One after the other, the enemy is penetrating Pakistan and creating multiple issues each more worrisome than the other. By the grace of ALLAH, Pakistan has won a great battle against terrorism, but new threats keep arising daily. These issues have not been effectively addressed and some have been neglected, due to lack of foresight, that now these internal problems pose a serious threat to Pakistan’s existence. The nation is being held hostage by its people who have shaken hands with the devil to protect their corruption and treason. It is disappointing to see that these corrupt elements, despite their lll deeds, their proven corruption, and their callousness, are in a position to blackmail and threaten the existence of the very country against which they have committed countless atrocities. People who openly speak about disintegrating Pakistan are representing the Pakistani people in the National Assembly (NA). These elements are working against Pakistan’s interest and are still untouchable in this very country. Pakistan’s security institutional seem powerless against them hence are being blackmailed by these elements. The situation in Pakistan is quite grim at the moment. Sindh under the leadership of PPP led by Asif Ali Zardari is hosting quite a few separatist movements. It is a wide perception that most of these movements are being supported by the Sindh government. These movements got stronger during Zardari’s government and have become even more powerful. Theses separatist elements are part of the Sindh government and important positions at the provincial level. They have control over the province’s a few police officers and some of its bureaucracy. In short, Sindh’s province has the influence of separatists who are waiting for the command of their western masters to announce their existence by creating Law and order situation. In addition to this, the Punjab province which has never bred separatists is now echoing separatist chants and is now openly seeking help from India. Nawaz Sharif and his party have started speaking against Pakistan and its armed forces.  It is all being done once again to protect their criminal self from justice and to protect their wealth acquired through corruption. Nawaz Sharif, a sentenced criminal, has crossed all boundaries and is now allying himself with India and NDS to save his skin. Baluchistan is boiling and attacks from Baloch terrorists have increased considerably. Similarly, PTM is spewing venom in KPK and is getting support from TTP in Afghanistan. PTM is serving as the political wing of TTP which is getting stronger again and preparing for a new wave of terrorism in Pakistan. The worrisome bit is the fact that all these problems are brewing up at the same time and our security institutions seem helpless in addressing these issues. The institutions have neglected the Sindh issue for quite some time and are now being blackmailed by the separatist elements. A force to counter PML-N has not been developed as yet; in fact, this issue has been dragged with pointless leniency. It seems now that the security intuitions are boxed in and the nation is suffering for their lack of foresight. This is a grave time as the security institutions seem helpless in the face of these challenges and these issues of grown stronger over time, right under their noses. At such a time a son of Pakistan can only hope that our national security institutions have something up their sleeve because the situation dictates otherwise.

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