New Great Game Has Begun

Tyranny, bloodshed, wars based on lies and deceit are some of the pillars of the western society. Europe has its bloody history where they fought mindlessly amongst themselves and others. Conspiracy upon conspiracy, lies, and constant treachery are the values that western society is based upon. USA was formed over the bodies of Native Americans who were mercilessly slayed for the Whiteman’s greed. Australian society was formed similarly on the bodies of the natives. Britain has a history of plundering and mercilessly killing innocent people just to expand its power and riches. If viewed closely, Britain is perhaps the most callous and dishonest among the western powers, although USA isn’t far behind. In fact the western society collectively has defied all standards of humanity. It is for this reason, that the world has started fighting back and has refused to be bullied by America and its western allies. These people have no regard for human lives and kill mindlessly to achieve their shallow gains of wealth and power. America has started wars and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, rendering many handicapped and homeless. This, however, doesn’t matter to the so called peace loving nations of the world who are callousness beyond words. It is only fair, therefore, that an alternate power emerges to counter this tyranny. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one such example of the emergence of a new world order. This project is part of the great one belt one road initiative (OBOR) and it seeks to enhance civilian, military and economic cooperation between countries, particularly the third world countries, so that they may be also prosper. This, however, doesn’t sit well with USA and its allies as their greed to remain in power has obscured their basic sense of humanity. CPEC has greatly benefitted Pakistan and that doesn’t sit well with either USA or its pet India. They are trying everything they can to create obstacles in the path of this project but have failed so far miserably. CPEC has increased Pakistan’s regional significance greatly. Their defeat on the CPEC initiative, Paksitan’s prominent role in the project combined with the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance on Islam phobia and his highlighting of the fact that Islam phobia is in itself an extremist view, combined with Imran Khan’s sincere desire to form a state in line with the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW); does not sit well with America and its allies.

As result the western powers are doing everything in their power to stop CPEC initiative but are failing miserably. As a result USA has started many conflicts in the region such as War with Afghanistan and Iraq under the banner of War against terrorism. The Syrian conflict, Ladakh conflict, South China Sea conflict and most recently the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict are all part of the same chain. USA and its allies are either getting directly involved in the form of a war or are using USA backed terrorist groups are wreaking havoc in the region and are specifically targeting Pakistan.

In the external scenario India is trying to provoke Pakistan through bloodshed of Kashmiri’s, funding of terrorist organizations against Pakistan and direct violations of LOC. Internally corruption is plaguing Pakistan and it is very easy to bribe government officials, members of judiciary, media persons among others, and cause damage to Pakistan from within.  All the corrupt and anti-Pakistan individuals and organizations are given safe haven in Britain despite their proven criminal record. This allows such corrupt leaders to strike a deal at the cost of Pakistan’s national interest. A much recent example is of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who on the instructions of a western power, made public certain minute details of Pakistan’s missile technology although he has taken an oath to not divulge Pakistan’s secrets weather in Office or not. This raises a serious question as to his loyalty towards country and after such a statement Nawaz Sharif is no different than Mr. Altaf Hussain.

All these internal and external troubles are being caused on daily basis by western powers to cause a rift in the relations of Russia and Pakistan. Their main agenda it seems is to restrict Russia’s access to Hot waters of Arabian Sea and to destabilize Pakistan internally. So is the great game has begun to restrict Russia to reach the Arabian Sea through Gawadar.

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