No Trade on Kashmiri Blood – An Honorable Decision

The creation of Pakistan and India was filled with many complications and unresolved issues because the British willed it so. Among the issues, the most problematic and the most dangerous was the issue of Kashmir. It was deliberately done by the British to maintain their control over the region long after they have left. Following their divide and rule policy, the British ensured that the two nations had a long-lasting dispute which would fuel their animosity against each other hence hindering the progression of the region.  The British promote a self-image of righteousness, civilization, and honor, but in reality, their tyranny knows no bounds. Hindus, during British colonization, served the British well and eagerly adopted their methods along with their ways and practices. In their eagerness to become the best slaves the Hindus also learned ways to practice their deep-rooted tyrannical nature on the minorities of the sub-continent.

This extreme Hindu nature is visible in their treatment of Muslims and other minorities in India. Indian atrocities against the Muslims of Kashmir have been going ever since 1947 and the world has witnessed India take the most inhumane steps against the Muslims of Kashmir. The use of banned weapons against the unarmed protestors of Kashmir is a norm in the valley. Kashmiri women are raped and mistreated everyday but apparently, the women of Kashmir are not worthy of human rights in the hearts and minds of west and the rest of the word. The world is silently watching all these crimes. None of the women’s rights NGOs conduct mass protests in favor of Kashmiri women neither do the human rights activists raise their voice against the human rights violations taking place in Kashmir, they just watch silently. Pellet guns were used to blind Kashmiri children, men were butchered, pregnant women were raped and killed and the most extreme act of all is the curfew in Kashmir valley which is continuing for over a year. During this time India sought to mindlessly bully all its neighbors including Pakistan and China.

India resorted to regular ceasefire violations along LoC, and even tried to invade the airspace of Pakistan. Pakistan’s response to Indian provocations came on Feb 27, 2019, when the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down 2 warplanes of the Indian Air Force (IAF). This event coupled with the countless Indian casualties along LoC along with the beating that India received at the hands of China has now forced India to mellow down and seek friendly relations with its neighbors including Pakistan and China. Also, India has realized that it cannot afford battle on two fronts and has taken a soft stance towards China and Pakistan for the time being in an attempt to buy time.

Despite knowing that PM Imran Khan has welcomed the option of conflict resolution through dialogue and the idea of promoting regional peace, India is no mood to choose peace. This, however, doesn’t mean that Pakistan will regularize relations with India.  Instead PM Imran Khan made a very tough decision and ordered that trade with India will not continue till India rolls back its illegal measures of August 5, 2019 in spite of the pressure of businessmen to buy yarn from India.  IN making this statement PM Imran Khan has proven himself as a statesman. Many of the ancient scholars (Greeks and Muslims) have stated that a trader should never be allowed to rule a country because a trader would sacrifice national integrity over wealth.

PM Imran Khan has proved once again proven that he is a statesman and knows the value of National honor and pride of a Nation and would value integrity and humanity over wealth creation. Had there been a trader ruler like Nawaz Sharif he would have chosen India for trade and would have easily compromise the National honor and Pride.

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