No US airbases on Pakistan soil

In line with the USA’s deal with the Afghan Taliban, the US has decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan as the US has realized that it cannot win on the battlefield against Afghani Taliban. This decision, however, is not sitting well with the current Afghan government led by Ashraf Ghani, as they know they can’t take on the Afghan Taliban on their own. In desperation, the Ashraf Ghani administration is making all kinds of statements maligning the Afghan Taliban and making claims that such a decision would destabilize Afghanistan. The US has its agenda and doesn’t seek to leave Afghanistan completely. Citing Ghani’s cries for help and the need for stability in Afghanistan, the US intends to play the role of ‘Big Brother.

US administration seeks to maintain influence in the region and restrict China and the CPEC project. As always, they hide behind the veil of establishing peace and seek to maintain air bases in the region to keep the Afghan Taliban in check. Considering the recent past and the US’s role in the region due to the so-called ‘ War on Terror’, it is safe to say that the real American agenda is to destabilize the region by hindering its growth, instigating violence, and achieving its imperialistic design of establishing global dominance. To achieve this, they need to maintain a military presence in the region and they need the bases close to Afghanistan. For this purpose, Pakistan’s help is also sought but, learning from the past, Pakistan’s government has firmly said ‘no’.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had made it clear in the past and has lived up to his words that Pakistan will not fight anyone else’s war. Pakistan has learned from its past and the memory of US-backed terrorism is still fresh in the minds of all its citizens. Participating in the US’s ‘War on Terror’ cost Pakistan dearly both in terms of lives, economy, and growth. Pakistan’s losses stand in Billions of USD and the country has yet to be amply compensated. The then President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharaf had allowed unchecked access to the USA in Pakistan. This led to the creation of TTP in Pakistan and the bloodshed that ensued has not been forgotten.

After that, Pakistan realized that the US is not an ally and it was decided in 2010 that Pakistan will keep the US at bay. The barbaric and inhumane US treatment has not been forgotten and any decision to allow US bases in Pakistan would be an insult to the memories of the country’s martyrs both civilian and security personnel. Even considering this request is treason as it is not in our national interest. The threat from the Afghan Taliban should not be taken lightly neither should the civilian emotions be put to test. Allowing the US airbases would lead to civil disturbance as it will shatter people’s trust in the military and civil leadership.

It seems, however, that Pakistan’s civil and military leadership is well aware of the public sentiments on the matter, and our Foreign Minister’s statement on the issue is very reflecting Pakistan’s stance. Those elements who are still threatening Pakistan should remember that by ALLAH’s will our nation overcame terrorism, is fighting to get back on its feet, snubbing all attempts to incite sectarian violence, and despite all the challenges is ready to crush any threat that may arise. Our enemies should know by now Pakistan is a resilient country and by ALLAH’s grace its people fight to win.

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