Pakistan Will Protect Its Freedom At All Cost

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan delivered an unforgettable, very impressive  address to UN general assembly on September 27, 2019. MR. Khan’s speech was direct, honest and was truly reflective of the feelings of the people of Pakistan. His speech mainly addressed four serious issues. With the Kashmir issue, Mr. Imran Khan summarized Pakistan’s relation with India, since, he came into power. He made the difference between his intentions, at the start of his tenure, and till date understanding on Indian mindset very clear. Pakistan’s Prime Minister told the world in a direct manner that Pakistan done everything to improve relations with India, but Indian PM Narendra Modi is not interested in having good relations with Pakistan as Modi is a follower of RSS ideology. This ideology believes that Hindus are Aryans making them superior to all other races and it believes in cleansing India of all minorities. This ideology is much similar to that followed by Hitler and by that reasoning it is an extremist ideology. PM Imran made it clear that despite of Pakistan’s best efforts to improve relations with India, Modi regime looks to blame Pakistan for the reactions of its Modi’s extreme policies. While highlighting Pakistan’s serious efforts to improve relations while India’s maintenance of an extremist stance, PM Imran Khan had a tone of finality in his words highlights that ‘enough is enough’. PM Imran Khan stressed to the world that 11 UN Security Council resolutions were violated when India abolished Indian occupied Kashmir’s (IoK) special status in August 2019. He clearly informed the world that their inaction on the Kashmir issue has brought two nuclear powers to the brink of war. He clearly highlighted with examples that the matter of Pulwama and any other incident that way follow India’s curfew of Kashmir would be a result of the tyranny of Indian army and Pakistan cannot be held responsible on the matter. He clarified that in order to avoid a global catastrophe the world leaders need to ensure that India lifts the curfew in Kashmir and that Kashmir is given the right to self-determination.

A clear warning was issued by PM Imran khan stating that a conventional war between India and Pakistan will most certainly end in a nuclear war highlighting Pakistan’s willingness to take whatever steps necessary. Second important issue addressed PM Imran khan was of islamophobia and in doing so he became the voice of 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. He clearly stated that in the West something as simple as hijab is viewed as a weapon. In the West a woman is free to take off clothes but not to put them on. PM Imran Khan clearly highlighted that Islamophobia has increased drastically post 9/11 and the Western countries have done nothing but promote it further. Terms like radical Islam and Islamic terrorism have contributed to increase Islamophobia and it is due the use of these terms people fail to understand that there is no extremist side to Islam. In fact it is a religion of peace. Another important aspect of PM Imran Khan’s address at UNGA was his brutally honest statements about how rich countries are leeching off poor countries expanding the gap between the rich and the poor. He highlighted the loopholes which are used to exploit poor countries. While questioning the existence of tax havens and how corrupt individuals are allowed to invest the fruits of their corruption in developed countries, Mr. Imran Khan boldly emphasized the need to correct these loopholes and countries like Pakistan to reclaim their looted wealth. The issue of global climate change is another crucial issue for Pakistan which PM Imran Khan highlighted in front of UNGA. While emphasizing that Pakistan is in the list of top 10 countries to be seriously affected by climate, his criticism of global powers for lack of serious initiatives in this regard echoed the hall. PM Imran Khan’s address was significant in many ways particularly because of the honesty with which he presented Pakistan’s case in support of Kashmir and the sincerity with which he represented the Muslims of the world. Another interesting fact highlighted due to PM Imran Khan’s speech is the ineffectiveness and complete failure of UNO.

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