Pulwama false flag attack: Pakistan has had enough

India under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi has become the perfect example of a rogue extremist state. Indian government has taken a leaf out of Israel’s book by curbing freedom struggle in most brutal and inhumane way.  India has copied much like Israel which has occupied Palestine and indulges in the killing of innocent men, women and children in order to stop them from protesting against the illegal Jewish Occupants. Similarly, India puts humanity to shame when dealing with innocent people of Kashmir and looks to silence their righteous struggle for peace with brute force. Also, to make the job easy India looks to silence Pakistan on the matter by isolating it in the global arena, forgetting Pakistan key geographical location and the importance it has in the region. India from time and time again has sponsored terrorism in Pakistan and stage false flag attacks to malign Pakistan’s image and build justification to wage war with Pakistan. It seems that the theatrics portrayed in Indian movies have gotten to Indian governments head, as no one but a mad man would think about waging a war with a nuclear power on false pretence.

One such false attack took place in Pulwama on February 14, 2019 when an Indian paramilitary convoy was attacked in Pulwama and 44 Indian soldiers lost their lives and India without considering the matter for an instant started blaming Pakistan and made threats of war. Meanwhile, just a few days after Pulwama attacks Indian Military Commander Lt Gen D.S. Hooda claimed that the quantity of explosives used in the attack was so large that it was impossible to have been brought by infiltrating the border further its curious that every time Indian elections are near, India starts some negative propaganda against Pakistan either by staging a false flag attack inside its own territory or by another other means available to them. Fact of the matter remains that Pakistan is a peace loving country and our countless contributions and sacrifices to overcome terrorism is proof of that.

Pakistan firmly stands behind their Kashmiri brothers, however, in a non-violent way. Secondly, at that time, an attack on Indian forces would not have benefitted Pakistan instead it may prove to be in the interest of India  the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia was on his official tour at that time. India needs to understand that the people of Kashmir are being denied basic human rights by the occupant Indian forces and a freedom struggle cannot be overcome by brute. Indian’s isolation in this matter is proof enough that nobody is interested in India’s false narrative and that the world can see right through Indian propaganda. This isolation might bring India to its senses or perhaps it already has.PM Modi has recently dialled down the war hysteria by reminding Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to Mr. Modi that their war was to be against poverty and illiteracy.

This shows that someone has talked some sense into Mr. Modi and made him realize that a war with Pakistan would not be in India’s benefit. Pakistan is a ware hardened nation and its armed forces are more than capable of handling any threat which poses danger to the country. India needs to understand that Pakistan’s Air Force, Navy and Army are much advanced in terms of combat and technology. We have state of the art nuclear arsenal and we are making our own tactical nukes. Furthermore, our missile technology is considered as one of the best in the world. Our forces are on high alert and are fully capable of responding in a befitting manner. India should understand that Pakistan can no longer bullied as we are a strong military might and misadventures by could trigger a serious response from Pakistan.

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