Re-election of Modi, threat to world peace

There are many theories as to how the world would deteriorate and come to an end. While there are many different angles as to how this would come about the essence of it is the greed, ignorance, cruelty and selfishness of man. Present times that we are living in, may be great in terms of technological advancements and leisure, however, our present is fraught with deception, conspiracy and bloodshed. This is the true reality behind the rosy picture that is painted to justify to callous actions of world leaders. Truth, honesty and regard for human life no longer exists instead there is power struggle and principles of right and wrong are determined by power of states or individuals.

This is a world where  Donald Trump is the president of United States of America, a country which claims to be a champion for world peace and freedom but feels no regret in separating children from their mothers and placing them in cages with no fear of consequences as these cowboys fancy themselves as a super power. American’s and their allies feel no remorse in invading a country like Afghanistan under false pretence neither do they have any regard for the lives lost in Iraq due to their greed for Natural Resources. In our present Israel can get away with killing innocent unarmed Palestinians including children.

Israel’s government officials state in front of the world that they should start killing Palestinian children and there is no one to call them a terrorist instead the unarmed civilians of Palestine are labelled as terrorists.  As this wasn’t enough Narendra Modi has been elected as the Prime Minister of India for a second tenure. This is the man who responsible for the 2002 Gujrat riots which claimed the lives of many Muslims. He is now the Prime Minister of India, which is a nuclear power.

During his first tenure, Indian politicians, especially the likes of Ajit Doval, Indian National Security Adviser has constantly stated that India reserves the right to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan and once he also stated that India would not think twice before arming terrorist organizations with nuclear weapons, as long as it ensures the destruction of Pakistan. During Modi’s first tenure Pakistan received multiple baseless threats from India and not to mention the unlimited times that they have resorted to unprovoked violations of LoC.

Furthermore, India has turned into nightmare for minorities as they are not allowed to practice their own religion. Christians and Muslims are forcefully converted otherwise they are killed. Many Muslims are forced fed pig meat and alcohol. Their leaders are following the Hindutva regime which states that India is only for Hindus and all other minorities should either leaves or convert. Worst form of state sponsored terrorism, however, is going on in Kashmir where people are being blinded by pellet guns, Kashmiri women are being raped without fear of any form of punishment.

Children of Kashmir are being blinded and killed while the elderly are being beaten to death. All this is being done because the people of Kashmir are demanding freedom which is their right and has been struggling for freedom as per United Nations Charter. Instead they are being met with brute force. Re-election of Mr. Modi is a severe threat to regional and world peace. This is a man who almost started a war between Pakistan and India, two nuclear powers, just to win elections in India. Narendra Modi has no notion about the devastation caused by a war, especially if it’s between two nuclear powers. Mr. Narendra Modi is fond of over estimating the power of India and tend to bully its neighbours.

He is a man with no moral compass and with no regard for human lives. He believes in spreading lies which cause even more problems as it may create agitation. His appointment as the Prime Minister of India means severe bloodshed in the region particular in Kashmir. In such a time where tyranny reigns supreme Pakistan needs to be on its guard to keep India in check.

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