Save Pakistan from Destabilization

Elections 2018 have been historic in many ways particularly with regard to the hope it has instilled in the people of Pakistan. Mr. Imran Khan’ party, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), has won majority of the seats in the National assembly and will be forming the federal government. Also it seems that PTI will succeed in forming its government in Punjab while they will be retaining their status as the ruling party in KPK province. PTI’s overall performance in terms of votes received in 2018 elections is commendable as PTI as grown as a serious political force mainly due to the efforts of Mr. Imran Khan. These elections may be seen as the evolution of democracy in Pakistan and in that regard these elections should be celebrated by all Pakistan nationals. These celebrations, however, are somewhat dented mainly due to the reaction of the other political parties on their losses in the general election 2018. In the APC led by Molana Fazal Ur Rehman, his statement was too harsh and he warned of dire consequences for the country. Such a warning is uncalled for and it reeks of conspiracy because anywhere in the world such a statement about one’s own country would be considered treacherous as only enemies of Pakistan will benefit from its destabilization. In the past five years such threats of dire consequences for Pakistan from the political players within, have become very common and it leaves the nation in confusion as to whose side such elements are on. It raises questions on the very oath that such politicians take when they are in parliament.
Molana rather Mr. Fazal Ur Rehman, it seems, cannot digest the fact that he actually lost the elections and is not a part of the national assembly anymore, proving that he considers his own self above that of the nation and country and that he desires the seat of power for some other reason other than serving the country. It is important ask Mr. Fazal Ur Rehman whether his loyalty to Pakistan is conditional to his election in parliament? The same question can be posed the heads and members of other political parties who participated in all parties’ conference (APC). Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, for instance, should be reminded that he was the Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan, just a month back and all that he is now is owed to Pakistan. It is important to ask him and his political workers that what is important to them, Pakistan or their own lust for the throne. Is their goal to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan? Have they aligned themselves with the enemies of Pakistan? Have they forgotten what this country has given them? Have they forgotten the oaths that they took when they were running the government of Pakistan? The answers to these questions are crucial at this time when Pakistan is facing a serious threat from both foreign enemies and from enemies within this country. These parties should remember that when they won in general elections 2013, despite claims of foul play, the opposition accepted their mandate and they did not refrain from taking oath. Instead the opposition exercised their democratic rights while remaining a part of this system.
This was a far more appropriate approach which kept the government on its toes, exposed their corruption and led way for the truth to come out. Similarly if the opposition parties view these elections to be rigged, despite the mass acceptance of PTIs mandate by the public, then they should follow the system and should opt for the right way of exposing what they believe to be the truth. Pakistan is a democratic state with an independent judiciary which has proved itself to be above all pressure and capable enough to serve justice. Therefore, the opposition parties should exercise their democratic rights and should lodge their protest while remaining a part of this system instead of looking to take measures which seem arrogant and are aimed at destabilizing Pakistan.

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