USA should Mind its Own Business

The New President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, is pursuing the same policy as the Obama administration or for that matter the much-despised American policy of interfering in the sovereign matters of other countries. They forget that being a global power is a responsibility and not a free pass for bullying others. They fail to understand that the ‘Do More’ mantra is no longer of any significance. Those were dark times for Pakistan when the Western-funded and equipped terrorists wreaked havoc on Pakistani soil. By the will of Allah through the efforts of the brave sons and daughters of armed forces and civilians of Pakistan, the country emerged victoriously. Recently Joe Biden’s chief spokeswoman Jen Psaki expressed America’s outrage at the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to acquit Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and his associates who are the prime suspects in the Daniel Pearl murder case. In addition to this, Joe Biden’s chief spokeswoman demands that the Supreme Court of Pakistan should review its decision.

In other words, America has decided that the accused was guilty hence he should be punished regardless of any requirements of Pakistan’s legal system. Perhaps they should have been denied basic legal rights of the accused because the American government has deemed them to be culprits. The American government should understand fully well that Pakistani judiciary is not subjugate to the will USA administration. Being a sovereign nation we have an independent legal system through which the accused were tried and found not guilty. It is therefore important that the Pakistan government should bluntly tell the American’s to ‘Shut up and mind their own business and that is to govern their own country which was in disarray with the recent white militant uprising right before Joe Biden’s oath-taking.

During the Obama administration, the world witnessed a great surge in terrorist activities and American invasions of other countries. All the terrorist activities were against those countries with which America had a problem. The wars that America waged against weaker nations can easily be termed as mass acts of terrorism conducted by one state against many others. In light of this, it can easily be concluded that it is America and not Pakistan that should do more and that America should stop its acts of extremism.

It is important to remind the American government that while Pakistan has uprooted terrorist organizations from its soil and achieved amazing success in the matter, American commitment to the eradication of terrorism is questionable. Wherever, America has set foot terrorist organizations have emerged and have started to target civilians and all those who oppose American tyranny. It is high time that America should stop poking their nose in the matters of other sovereign nations and focus on their own country. We must send a strong message to America and its allies (namely Israel, UK and India) to stop sponsoring terrorism and to stop waging wars on other countries, which are nothing short of extremism itself.

Recently, America and Israel are eyeing Iran and are about to start a new era of terrorism campaign as they are considering a war with Iran. In the meanwhile, America is also eyeing China and is looking to start an armed conflict with China by funding separatist movement of Taiwan. China, in this regard, has clearly warned the Biden administration that any such act to separate Taiwan from mainland China will result in a war which is exactly what America wants as the cowboys thrive in anarchy and bloodshed.

It is the right time to keep America in its own country and Pakistan government should respond with a shut up call to America for interfering in Pakistan’s internal matters and judiciary system of Pakistan.

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