War of Nerves

Mirza Kashif Baig


The world is increasingly becoming inhumane and chaotic. With each passing day, humanity is becoming nonexistent. Human lives have become worthless and are being lost for the pleasure of the rich and the powerful. This game of blood has become increasingly insane in the hands of the USA and its allies. The brain of this tyrannical situation in Israel and the USA along with its allies are the limbs. This claim is backed by the history of the mentioned countries. Israel is formed by killing innocent Palestinians while the USA came into existence by murdering the native Indians.

Ever since the USA came into existence it has been in war except for 16years. They have inflicted pain and suffering on this world to become a global superpower. They have invaded countries killed innocent people, formed terrorist organizations to wreak havoc on the world and to instill fear in people.

Eventually, however, this cruel use of power had to be challenged and it has been done by China alongside Russia, Pakistan, and some other allies. This, however, is not an easy process as toppling a tyrant is a dangerous task. Presently, the world seems to be on the brink of war. The western block led by the USA is threatened by the rise of China and are doing everything in their power to create problems for China, Russia, Pakistan, and their allies. The formation of AUKUS and QUAD are desperate measures by the US to keep China in check. Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD) or QUAD Group is an informal strategic forum comprising India, Japan, Australia, and the United States of America.

It is a strategic grouping to reduce Chinese domination by offering alternative debt financing for nations in the Indo-Pacific region and they intend to do so in the name of securing a rules-based global order, freedom of navigation, and a liberal trading system. In addition, Under the Aukus pact, the US and UK will help Australia build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines, the first time that Washington and London will be sharing sensitive nuclear submarine technology with Canberra.

While these two measures are being taken to counter China, Pakistan is being pressured through FATF and by exploiting the economic situation of the country through IMF. In addition to this, the corrupt political leadership of Pakistan is being harbored by the UK from where they are causing instability in Pakistan. Pakistan’s wealth stolen by these politicians and bureaucrats is being guarded by the western powers by creating laws solely to protect these corrupt individuals.

The Ukraine crisis had been created to disrupt Russia in turn forcing it to react through force. With the accumulation of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, US warplanes took warning flights in the Black Sea to keep Russia in check. Russia’s actions also compelled Turkey to act and to Russian frustration. Turkey sold many UAV drones to Ukraine along with missiles. This was done to safeguard Turkish national interests in the region. While the situation seems grim, it needs to be understood that a war between these nuclear powers would destroy the entire world, leaving no one in power. It can, therefore, be said that this might not result in an actual war but skirmishes may take place resulting in a war of nerves between these military behemoths and the one with nerves of steel will emerge as the victor.

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