Indian Missile Program: Western Support and Global Implications

Indian Missile Program

By Mirza Kashif Baig

Currently India has become one of the biggest threats to regional and global peace. India is a nuclear power with an extremist regime. It is a personification of the statement ‘nukes in the hands of extremists.’ Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi is a known member and supporter of the Hindu extremist organization RSS which follows the doctrine of ‘Hindutva’ which promotes Hindu supremacy as were Nazis were doing in Germany before Second World War. This is similar to the philosophy of Nazi’s as they believed that Germans were a superior race and were above all others. ‘Hindutva’ preaches the same concept but for Hindus.

India currently is being ruled by BJP which is a political wing of this extremist organization RSS. Modi was responsible for Massacre of thousands of Muslims in 2002 Gujrat riots mercilessly. During tenure, Indian politicians, especially the likes of Ajit Doval, Indian National Security Adviser has constantly stated that India reserves the right to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan and once he also stated that India would not think twice before arming terrorist organizations with nuclear weapons, as long as it ensures the destruction of Pakistan. During Modi’s tenure Pakistan received multiple baseless threats from India and not to mention the unlimited times that they have resorted to unprovoked violations of LoC. Furthermore, India has turned into nightmare for minorities as they are not allowed to practice their own religion.

Christians and Muslims are forcefully converted otherwise they are killed. The current cleansing of minorities in India, especially Muslims, is proof of the extremist mindset of the country. Once the biggest fear of people around the world was of a state-run by extremists and to think of nuclear weapons in the hands of such a state was nightmare. This however, is no longer a baseless fear and has turned into a reality in the form of India. They do have a large military and weapons cache at their disposal but they also have sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in their armory. The hypocrisy of the matter is that the Champions of peace, USA and its western allies are the ones who are supporting India in its development of devastating nuclear weapons.

Not so long ago these countries were waging wars claiming the lives of thousands of innocent citizen in order to prevent weapons of mass destruction falling in the hands of extremists, now these very countries are supporting a country where extremism is the way of life. India developed its nuclear weapons program by deceiving the world and taking advantage of civil nuclear defense deals with western countries. India currently has civil nuclear deals with around 16 countries including, USA, Australia, Canada, France and United Kingdom among many others. The 2008 waiver given to India by Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has considerably enhanced India’s weapons capability and this increases the risk to global peace considerably.

Now, these countries are helping India in developing nuclear weapons such as the Agni series, under the veil of civil nuclear deals. Agni series poses a significant for the entire world.  Considering just AGNI II ballistic missile with a 1000 Kg nuclear warhead could devastate much of China, entire Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, all the Arab Gulf states, Iraq, and most of Saudi Arabia, and all the Central Asian States. Nuclear armed AGNI II could destroy all the cities in Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and much of Indonesia. One nuclear armed AGNI II would be enough to wipe out Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei. Currently India is working on Agni VI and details of Agni missiles are mentioned as follows:

Name Type Range Stages/Fuel Payload Capacity
Agni-I Ballistic 700-900 km Single/Solid* 1,000 kg*
Agni-II Ballistic 2,000 km Two/Solid 1 ton
Agni-III Ballistic 3,500 km Two/Solid 1.5 tons
Agni-IV Ballistic 4,000 km Two/Solid 1,000 kg*
Agni-V Ballistic +5,000 km Three/Solid 1,000 kg*

It is important to understand the implications of such weapons in the hands of an extremist country like India. Western powers must understand that they cannot escape the devastating results of their actions.

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