Pakistan at risk – infiltration, espionage, and security threat

History repeats itself, is a cliché that has perhaps lost all meaning because of short-term amnesia that people around the globe suffer from without realizing. People have stopped learning from history because either they don’t remember it or because manipulation of facts through propaganda has become easy now. While it is a global phenomenon, Pakistan is perhaps one of the most affected nations and there are several reasons for that. To avoid history’s vicious circle a nation needs to read and understand its past so that previous mistakes are not repeated. In Pakistan, like everything else, history is not recorded on facts but is highly politicized. Our education sector is in shambles due to corruption and a lack of political will. Our curriculum hasn’t been updated in ages and even when it is, all updates are politically motivated by agents of the prevailing political regime. The most unbiased form of history lessons that the young minds of Pakistan receive is from their family members who have lived during specific eras and have a habit of enforcing their opinion on the young ones rather than stating facts and encouraging a thought-provoking debate to nourish the young mind which will, in turn, shape the future of the country. Our young generation is raised in a constant state of fear of being labeled. They are reminded that Pakistan had been infiltrated by enemy agents since its inception, all the while cementing the idea that corruption, moral degradation, and lack of necessities among other things are the only constants in Pakistan and while you may not like it your only job is to criticize the system in closed quarters but never raise your voice or attempt to bring about change for that’s fooling. Our youth are told that their only goal in life is to earn a lot of money, they are told to follow religion only to the point that it serves their self-interest and that they must gain citizenship in a foreign country to live a good life.  Another important thing that our youth learns at a vulnerable age is that questioning the system or criticizing the way their country is being run or criticizing the powerful institutions of Pakistan earns them the label of ‘Traitor’ resulting in a violent death. This mechanism worked for a long time till the internet and smartphones ensured that information from every corner of the world was accessible to everyone. The information is a mixture of lies and half-truths and even entirely truthful information is subject to the worst form of manipulation to form desired opinions. Now, the confused and frustrated youth of Pakistan, who lacked analytical power and in the absence of a strong narrative were and are easy prey for the enemy and their agents within Pakistan.  Narratives portraying the enemy as the savior were developed and the existing situation in Pakistan validated those narratives. Infiltration was complete in all ways. Espionage has been done in many ways, but the most recent act was orchestrated from within. The regime change operation was when the people of Pakistan, particularly the youth, drew a line and exclaimed ‘Enough’. The enemy was already prepared to take full advantage of this and is pushing the country to the edge. Right now, the truth, which was known to all Pakistanis, is causing more damage than anything else. The powerful institutions of the country are hell-bent on showing the people of Pakistan their place. Their institutional ego has been hurt and they have decided, as always, to do whatever it takes to enforce their will on the people. The enemy, being smart and cunning, had already banked on this and had succeeded in driving a wedge between the civilians and the institutions. This is a very serious matter and requires to be addressed immediately. Pakistan is under attack in every way possible, terrorists have resurfaced, economic activity is critically wounded, and the very existence of the country is now at stake. This is a time for all the stakeholders of the country to join forces in the interest of Pakistan, the country needs to take tough and serious decisions to up route the enemy agents and their networks and to save the country. The time calls for all patriotic forces to band together and puts aside their differences. Right now, Pakistan’s existence is at stake and the hour calls for the unity of all patriotic people from all walks of life to band together and to form a united front against the corrupt, traitorous elements within Pakistan. The alternative to this is to witness the repetition of history and to watch our country damaged as it did in 1971, as the enemy intends.

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