Pakistan to Assess its Strength

Pakistan is currently faced with a unique issue. It seems that the current system of governance is in shambles. One government has been overthrown but not completely and the new government, while being supported by all institutions, does not has the full support of the people of Pakistan. Majority of the masses still believe Imran Khan to be their rightful Prime Minister.

Apparently, the majority of Pakistanis have rejected the new government of the PML-N, JUI-F, and PPP coalition based on their corruption and due to the harm, these parties have caused to Pakistan in their respective tenures. The ousted Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan has built the narrative that his government was overthrown to appease the United States of America. He has successfully proven to the general public that it was due to the direct interference of America that his government was overthrown. Imran Khan before being voted out of office had declared that the Pakistani embassy staff based in the US was told by Mr. Donald Lu Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs that Pakistan should ensure that Imran Khan is voted out of the office and that if Imran Khan’s government remained in power than Pakistan would face serious consequences.

On the other hand, if the vote of no confidence against Imran Khan becomes successful then ‘All will be forgiven. It is important to note here that the vote of no confidence did not tabled until a day after this threat was given to the Pakistan’s Embassy staff in USA. Pakistanis are furious with the institutions that came under the pressure of United States of America which has long history of bullying Pakistan. And Pakistan has remained under USA as European Countries are under complete control of USA  The current government as the people of Pakistan  believes this is all a part of an American conspiracy to enslave the people of Pakistan. Since he was removed from office, Imran Khan has witnessed a massive surge in popularity and his protest gatherings, in all the major cities of Pakistan, are witness to that.

In the very first week, he has given a call to the entire country to record their protests peacefully at specific locations in their respective cities and according to many authentic reports, and also accepted by CCN the USA television network nearly 80 million people responded throughout the country to Imran Khan’s call. This decision of the courts and the establishment has created a huge rift between the civilians and the institutions. This reflects the feelings of the general public and Pakistanis are angry right now. This is a very different situation that Pakistan is facing. The institutions need to realize that this movement of the people of Pakistan cannot be squashed by force and it needs to be taken seriously as it is turning ugly now.

In this crucial situation, the establishment needs to decide the next course of action for Pakistan. They need to evaluate Pakistan’s strength and they need to evaluate our need for the US. The result of these evaluations will decide our future. If Pakistan is strong enough to withstand American pressure, which we feel it is, and if our need for American support is low then we should stand and amend our mistake.

While evaluating the above, our establishment should also remember that America has already realized that India cannot deliver hence the US needs Pakistan.  Based on this fact of realization it is safe to conclude that Pakistan has the upper hand in this and if we were to take a stand for our national stability then the US won’t be able to do resist our stance as it has proved now and then. General Zialul Haq case of Afghanistan when USSR attacked is one of the examples to be quoted as he resisted for two years and got what he wanted to. Also, American support towards Pakistan would increase not diminish. And if we go on accepting American pressure its DO MORE mantra will continue. This time it will be too hard and cross the past limits.

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