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They have surrounded you from all around. You are padded up, heavily bandaged. You are limping across the field after a bloody and murderous assault on your life. Bowling is fearsome and body line, more directed at your head to decapitate you. The umpires are hateful, biased, and hold deep grudge against you. They want you out at all costs. They almost got you. They didn’t succeed in the first attempt. They are going to go after you again.

You are a human being after all. All humans have limits to their endurance. But you have already proved that you are not an ordinary mortal. You have defied logic many times before as well. They are baying for your blood. Vultures are circling overhead, waiting for you to fall. Undeniably, they have cornered you. There is something very wrong, terribly wrong going on. There is a feeling of unease, an eerie silence, which is both strange and frightening.

You are going to be tested severely and to the limit and even beyond. Trials and tribulations are not going to end anytime soon. They are all ganged up now. Full might of the state and its obscenely brutal means are in full display to destroy you both literally and figuratively.

Never before, in the history of Pakistan, one single individual has been singled out for such vicious onslaught and relentless character assassination for such a long time. State sponsored attempt at your life has been made in broad daylight. Justice is being denied to you. A viscous wave of persecution has started all over again. It is all, against one. There is no one left. No one, as you so presciently said on the penultimate April night.

Everyone in the position of authority, without exception, is after you. The video from the grand mosque of Mecca has removed all the shrouds from all the faces. Proof is there if ever one was needed. It is a well-orchestrated, devilish plot to destroy you. Every effort is being made to thwart the will of the people. Elections at national, provincial, and local levels are being resisted tooth and nail.

The nation is watching you and everyone else with bated breath. People are registering every move that is being made. There is a fire burning in the belly intensely which refuses to die. It wants an expression. It will certainly find an expression. Be assured, that people are with you. They’re never going to leave you alone. They just want you to hold on to the flame of hope, holding it aloft firmly in your both hands. It is going to be a revolution through the ballot. In this war of attrition, the enemy would like to wear you down and demoralized you and demonize you. People of Pakistan are going to vote for you in their multitudes, whenever the elections happen.

It is not in the nature of Pakistanis to come and confront bullets. You must know that. A leader should know his strengths and weaknesses comprehensively. We know that you will keep standing. We know that you will never surrender. We know that you will go down fighting if it comes to that. The nation will follow suit. They’ve already forgiven all your mistakes.

If you go down fighting, you will be immortalized and will remain a radiant symbol of liberty and courage. Generations will get inspiration and will march ahead with a shining example. It’s a great moment in history, a truly defining moment. The people of Pakistan are ready to wage a peaceful struggle for their birth right to redefined their country, the way they want it. They want to truly own their own country.

They want to rid it of the mafias and corrupt interest groups, who all have all sucked it white. They know that you are their best and probably last hope. They don’t want to lose you. Well played so far. Keep going. May God be with you? It has, indeed, been a privilege to live in an era which belongs to you.

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