ON May 12 2018 at Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi  A Seminar was organized by Rabita Forum International on above subject and above stated date. Gen.(r) Moinudin Haider was the Chief Guest and More »

US offered $5bn to refrain from carrying out nuclear tests

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Monday alleged that former US president Bill Clinton offered him $5 billion to refrain from carrying out nuclear tests in 1998. “British leaders and other international leaders More »

Straight from Gen. Ashfaq Kayani’s mouth!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi A few hours ago I received a call from Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, former Army Chief with reference to my earlier piece about him being perhaps the More »

CPEC & enemy woes

By Mirza Kashif Baig CPEC has been termed as a game changer and this is exactly how Pakistan, China, India and US view it. USA was skeptical about the project throughout and More »

Mountbatten’s ‘Shameful flight’

Pakistan would have fared better if Jinnah had lived longer By Ahmad Faruqui Churchill had used the expression ‘shameful flight’ to describe the hurried British exit from India. UCLA’s Stanley Wolpert, the More »


Dynamics of belt and road initiative

By Kanwar Muhammad Javed Iqbal In various pre-sessions during Rio+20 i.e. Earth Summit 2012, I noticed critical viewpoints especially of western speakers and participants about China’s emerging dominance. Perhaps, it was a deliberate act by the market forces that tried

Project 75i submarine : How defence monies are squandered

India has indigenously designed and built (mostly in the private sector) the Arihant-class nuclear powered ballistic missile firing submarine (SSBN), the most potent weapon system in any arsenal. And yet the Government has agreed with the Navy that India cannot

India, Vietnam set to ink nuclear energy pact, boost defence ties

During Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang’s visit this week, the two sides will discuss developments in South China Sea By Elizabeth Roche In a move that could put China on the back foot, strategic partners India and Vietnam are to

Need to tell youth Azadi will never happen, you can’t fight us: Indian Army Chief

By Muzamil Jaleel General Rawat said he is perturbed by the killings. “We don’t enjoy it. But if you want to fight us, then we will fight you with all our force. Kashmiris have to understand that the SFs (security

Nuclear security, AI and the future

The western world is taken over by a storm and surge which is so overwhelming that everybody or who’s who of any significance are talking about it. This is the Artificial intelligence (AI), a revolution in the making. The research

India’s nuclear do – nothing policy

By Bharat Karnad The Shakti series of underground tests 20 years ago were the last, stifled, hurrah of the Indian nuclear weapons programme. Stifled because the thermonuclear device tested on May 11, 1998 was a dud, and the last hurrah

Nuclear chutzpah

‘Chutzpah’ is a wonderful Yiddish word that means outrageous nerve, or unmitigated gall This week’s Chutzpah Award goes to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Standing in front of props of data files and cd’s, Netanyahu claimed Israel’s renowned Mossad spy

Putin comes out with a ‘Russia First’ strategy

Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia’s new president at a grand ceremony in the Kremlin on Monday the 14th May 2018. As his fourth term begins  which may also be his last term  speculation is rife about the composition

A clear, straightforward explanation of why leaving the Iran deal matters

By Doug Mills If you find yourself unsure what to think about President Trump’s decision to exit the Iran nuclear accord, and to violate its terms by imposing broad sanctions that the United States had pledged to lift, you are

Commandos buying thousands of small missiles that pack a bigger punch than hell fires

As counter terrorism missions show no signs of slowing down and civilian casualties always a worry, the commando command is turning to a light, guided munition to chase down fast-moving targets  By Paul Mcleary Small insurgent groups have long used