Space programme 2040

The Space Programme 2040 is a satellite development and launch programme of the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), Pakistan’s supreme space research authority. The Space programme 2040 intends to replace More »

Ulema put their weight behind antiterrorism edicts

By Kalbe Ali The government on Tuesday launched Paigham-i-Pakistan, a document that offers a counter-narrative to extremist ideas by collating edicts that declare all kinds of terrorism against the spirit of Islam. More »

Don’t let China start calling the shots in Pakistan

By Tim Willasey-Wilsey The vast size of the proposed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has players on all sides struggling to calculate the pros and cons for their own interests. From the More »

Tweets and consequences

By Munir Akram The insult contained in President Trump’s new year tweet accusing Pakistan of “lies and deceit” was followed by announcement of the injury  the $255 million cut in Foreign Military More »

Afghanistan – A view from Pakistan

By K. Hussan Zia President Trump and his cohorts are accusing Pakistan of perfidy for taking $33 billion in aid from the U.S and not doing enough in return. First of all, More »


Trump cannot afford breaking off ties with Pakistan: NYT

United States President Donald Trump cannot afford to walk away from Pakistan, which has often provided vital intelligence and has the world’s fastest-growing nuclear arsenal, a New York Times article has warned, saying such a move on his part could

US creates rift among Russia, Turkey & Iran

Turkey summoned the US charge d’affaires in Ankara to convey its concerns over the US’ continuing support for the Kurdish militia in Syria with weapons and training, President Recep Erdogan threatened on January 15 that it is resolute about thwarting

China’s end game The path towards global leadership

By Timothy R. Heath Dueling high level strategy documents in both the United States and China portend an intensifying competition for leadership and influence at the global systemic level. The coming years are likely to see a deepening contest in

China’s breathtaking transformation into a scientific superpower

By Robert J. Samuelson The National Science Foundation and the National Science Board have just released their biennial “Science & Engineering Indicators,” a voluminous document describing the state of American technology. There are facts and figures on research and development,

A Chinese drone for all seasons

The MIT Technology Review featured a riveting article some months ago entitled China’s AI Awakening. Its blurb was positively startling: ‘The West shouldn’t fear China’s artificial-intelligence revolution. It should copy it’. For any Indian seething with a sense of rivalry

Arab states to seek recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Jordan’s foreign minister and the head of the Arab League said they would push for an international resolution on naming Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. This follows the US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s. Arab states will push for

US, Israel step up hybrid war in Syria

The Russian airbase in Syria, Hmeimim, and the naval base at Tartus came under simultaneous drone attack. The advanced Russian air defence system thwarted the attack. A wave of 13 drones was involved, and, interestingly, three of them were brought

6 ways life in SA will change in 2018

By Zahraa Alkhalisi The kingdom is pushing ahead with an economic overhaul aimed at ending what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman once called its “addiction” to oil. Change is now coming thick and fast, and several major reforms announced since

Trump’s failed coup in Iran

By Eric Margolis Listen to the state-‘guided’ US media this past week and you’d believe a series of spontaneous anti-government protests broke out across Iran. The protests, according to President Donald Trump and his Israeli allies, were caused by `anger

US – Pakistan split – Whither Afghanistan?

By Andrew Korybko The escalating tensions between the US and Pakistan over what Washington says is Islamabad’s provision of “safe havens to terrorists” might lead to NATO being cut off from Afghanistan. In a telling sign of his priorities for