History – last 30 years Pakistani politics

Disastrous decade of democracy & the sorry state of Pakistan By Simon Templar Thug life is a term used by gangsters to glorify their law breaking, heady crime sprees. Nothing describes the More »

The cash and the cacophony

By Lt Gen (R) Tariq Khan I was not going to comment on what all has happened, taking satisfaction in that it simply happened. Yet seeing the chattering classes justifying this brazen More »

The efficiency of Pakistan’s nuclear posture during Brasstacks crisis

Nuclear posture is the confluence of a state’s overall military structure, command and control, rules and procedures of employment and targeting, and the physical characteristics of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. More »

Memorable romance Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Husna Sheikh

By Mahlia Lone The tempestuous 15 year relationship of Z.A. Bhutto and Husna set against the backdrop of his meteoric rise and fall. When Zulfikar Ali Bhutto met Husna Sheikh at Billo More »

Seminar On Defence Day 2020 – ‘Youm-e-Fateh Mubeen’ 1965 War SACRIFIES OF CIVILIANS & ARMED FORCES Organized By: Rabita Forum international

Thursday 3rd September 2020, At Hotel Regent Plaza Karachi PARTICIPANTS: Mian Abdul Majeed Chancellor Textile University of Pakistan Karachi and President Nazaria e Pakistan Trust Sindh Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum International More »


From little Sparta to Trojan horse

From little Sparta to Trojan horse2

Beware the US – Israel – UAE strategic agenda for the Arab region By Rami G. Khouri It certainly was dramatic, as US President Donald Trump announced in the White House Thursday an agreement by the United Arab Emirates and

The changing dynamics of Iran-Israel conflict

The changing dynamics 1

By General Mirza Aslam Beg General Qasim Solemani of Iran was assassinated, blaming him and Iran for the death of many American soldiers. Soon after, American and Israeli forces deployed to punish Iran. Instead of direct confrontation, Iran preferred a

The tyranny of US – Iran disconnect

The tyranny of US 1

By General Mirza Aslam Beg The dialectics of the “opposing will” define the logic of a conflict and not the weapon of war, as the Post Diehl reports: “Israel has apparently been conducting what amounts to a slow motion, semi-covert

China arrays aerial firepower along Indian border


By Utkarsh Mishra Tensions between China and India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), which boiled over into a deadly melee on June 15, have seen armies on both sides building up their strength in the Ladakh/Aksai Chin sector.

China to lend Bangladesh almost $1 Billion for Teesta River project

China to lend Bangladesh almost 1

Bangladesh is to receive a loan of nearly US $1 billion from China for a project to maintain levels in the Teesta River during the drought season after efforts to approve a water-sharing deal with India failed, government officials said

South China Sea Chinese military told not to fire first shot in stand-off with US forces

Chinese military told not to fire first 1

By Wendy Wu China has told its service personnel “not to fire the first shot” as Beijing looks to de-escalate tensions with the United States in the South China Sea, sources familiar with the situation told the South China Morning

How China turned the tables on India and converted 1993 agreement into a Land Grab

How China turned the tables on India and 1

As is evident from the present Ladakh crisis, Indian diplomacy, to put it politely, has fallen short By Pravin Sawhney Describing China’s approach to border disputes, a foreign diplomat who has had several years of experience negotiating with China, said,

Better off with a Mod Quad

Better off with 1

The US secretary of state Michael Pompeo publicly regretted President Richard Nixon’s 1972 policy of cultivating China that the US followed ever since as a grave strategic error. Far from liberalizing the Communist state as was hoped, allowing China concessional

China warns India’s Rafale Fighters ‘have ho chance’ against Chinese Stealth Jets

China warns India's Rafale Fighters 'have 1

Chinese and Indian fighters are engaging in vicious dogfights By Michael Peck Not in the air, but over the airwaves, where both nations are claiming that their newest jets are superior to those of their rival. Last week, former Indian

Playing into China’s hands in Ladakh

Playing into China's 2

By Ajai Shukla In a statement posted on its website, which was withdrawn on Thursday afternoon, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) belatedly admitted what the government has stoutly denied so far: That Chinese troops had “transgressed” the Line of Actual